Commercial Conditions

Goods Order

List of goods on web pages is a catalog of common supplied items. Supplier doesn´t guarantee immediate availability of all items. Delivery time mentioned on e-shop is just orientational. Availability of goods will be confirmed on the basis of inquire. Numbers of original spare parts are used for identification and comparative purpose. Prices are in CZK (EUR) without VAT. Mistakes reserved.

For ordering, customer choose goods, fill ordering form and send order. Send order is a proposal for concluding purchase contract. Order serves as goods reservation.

Customer can check up prices of each item of goods. Transport cost all over the Czech Republic is 159,- CZK without VAT for parcel up to 30,00 kg.

Total cost of order including additional costs will be calculated before dispatching. Customer will be invited for confirmation.

Goods, which is mentioned on e-shop and is immediately available on our stock, can be bought without previous order. At these parts price can be about 5-15% higher than price which is quote on e-shop. Reason is because of higher overhead costs (service, energy, transport costs for goods to get them on our stock and other expenses with company operation).

Cancel the Order

Customer and supplier can cancel order for no reason at all till supplier´s order confirmation. If the order is cancelled from supplier side, he will explain why order cannot be confirmed. Order cancellation after concluding purchase contract can be done after mutual agreement.

Goods Dispatch

To be concluded purchase contract at goods, which are delivered by post or courier, it is neccessary to have an order confirmation from supplier. Firm order acknowledgement is not automatic answer from system. Firm order acknowledgement is email with „final order confirmation" or phone call from supplier. Customer and supplier agree with contents of order which is item, quantity, price for goods, transport charges, delivery time and delivery terms. After this confirmation purchase contract is concluded. Regulation of this article does not refer to personal purchasing.

Delivery Time

Ordered goods will be delivered as soon as possible by post or transport company. Usually delivery time is 1-5 days from order confirmation. If the delivery time is longer, customer has to be informed. Goods are considered to be delivered when arrive on customer´s address.

Way of Transport

Supplier arranges transport door to door in the Czech Republic. Tranport charges depend on way of transport. Customer will choose yourself the most suitable way of transport.

Payment Terms

Customers may pay several ways. Purchases can be paid cash or credit card in our company, cash on delivery or credit transfer in a bank. At credit transfer invoice number is VS.

Each consignment includes comercial invoice and instructions how to use a product. Installation is not a part of purchase contract.

Delivery Taking

Customer is bound to check goods immediately after delivery. If package is damaged, customer has to control goods inside with carrier and if the goods inside are broken, a record has to be written. Carrier confirmes this record. If it is possible, take a picture.

According to this record customer receives discount or new goods. Customer is allowed to cancel a purchase contract.

When customer signs delivery note, it means that he agrees with delivery and consignment was not damaged through transport. All future claims caused by transport will be refused.

Other comunication between customer and supplier is made by emails if it was not arranged in another way.

Personal Purchasing

If customer orders goods on internet and picks them up personally, supplier just confirms that goods are ready and booked.

Goods can have been reserved within 7 working days since information it is ready for delivery. Seller entitle customer to check goods before concluding purchase contract.

If customer picks goods up personally concluding purchase contract is considered when goods are paid and taken over by customer.

Warranty begines after goods overtake.

Warranty is indicated at each part in its description. If a part has warranty card then it is issued at purchasing. If warranty card is not issued, then commercial invoice is used as warranty card.

Warranty does not refer to common part´s wear which is caused by using. It is not a part´s defect and cannot be claimed.

Warranty for customers, who use parts for other business, is not set down in Civil Code. In this case warranty is set down by importer to the Czech Republic. Warranty which is presented on our web pages is for final customers, not for companies that use parts for other business.


If a defect appears on a part during warranty period, and defect was not caused by unsuitable using, then part can be claimed. Complaints are followed by Complaints Rules of ATP Motor s.r.o.

Law relationship between corporate bodies is set down in Commercial Code.

Method of Complaints

Some parts can be claimed at authorised service. If there is not a close service, some of them arrange free returns. This way complaints can be handled faster. In case, that you want claim parts in our company, please contact us.

If it is possible return goods in original packing or suitable packing for transport. We do not guarantee for any damages caused by transport.

Complaints Settlement

Supplier or authorised service reviews claimed part and after that informs customer about a way of complaints settlement by phone or email. Customer will be asked to pick up claimed part or the claimed part will be sent to his address.

Period for complaints settlement is 30 days according to Civil Code no. 634/1992 Sb.

Cancle the Contract

Customer can cancle the contract in case that supplier does not fulfil delivery conditions.

Customer, who does not buy goods for other business, may cancle contract, accord with Civil Code § 53, odst. 7 and § 54, within 14 days after goods overtaking.

Contract cannot be cancelled if customer buys goods personaly in our warehouse.

Supplier may cancle contract before than the goods is dispatched and only in case that parts are not available or major part´s price change. Supplier must contact customer to arrange next steps.

When contract is canceled, return or replace supplier to customer and customer to supplier all accepted payments.

Customer may cancle contract the way that he informs supplier by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in written form in supplier´s office. It is neccessary to state purchase order number, date of purchase and original invoice.

If customer already received and overtook goods, he should send it back to a supplier with information why he returnes goods. Supplier immediately check returned parts.

In case that the goods are returned in damaged condition, customer is obligated to compensate all costs related to putting goods in order. If customer wants exchange goods for another one or cancle the contract, and goods are returned damaged, then supplier doesn´t have to grand the request or lower price about 30% to cover all expenses. Commercial invoice has to be enclosed. Money will be return within 30 days.

Protection of Personal Dates

Supplier gathers with customer´s agreement their personal dates, like name, address, phone number and email address. All these dates are used only for easier order in future.

If customer agrees, supplier can inform him by email or phone about news, special offers, advertising, etc.

Personal dates are not presented to somebody else.

Customer may change his personal dates after logging in „customer section".

Customer may cancle agreement about gathering personal dates or receiving business news by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone call.


Technical Conditions

All product pictures shown on our e-shop are only for ilustraion or product identification purposes.

Tyres take - back places are available at: Greenlogistics

Tyres take - back: Eltma

Foreign Customers

Each foreign customer has individual payment conditions and delivery conditions which are arranged before first order.

Concluding Regulation

This commercial conditions are valid for all contracts concluded by supplier and customer. Supplier reserves rights to change commercial conditions. All changes have to be announced on web pages and in his office one month before.